J Percy Priest Lake Islands

Looking for J Percy Priest Lake Islands? I started my research about the islands and found out there are around 38 of them, more or less. I counted them on Google Maps. If you get a different count, let me know. Not all the islands are named, but I'm sure there is a story about how each one was named.

The J Percy Priest Visitors Center was very helpful in getting me the names of 22 islands. The rest have not been named as of yet.

I will also list the ones that are designated for Primitive Camping.

They are:

1. Hermitage Island
2. Goose Island ------------ Primitive Camping
3. Elm Hill Island
4. Luau Island ------------- Primitive Camping
5. Stone Island
6. Tear Drop Island
7. Cable Crossing Island --- Primitive Camping
8. Bear Island ------------- Primitive Camping
9. Raccoon Island ---------- Primitive Camping
10. Pig Island -------------- Primitive Camping
11. Hole-in-the-Wall Island - Primitive Camping
12. Hotel Island
13. Motel Island
14. Pear Island
15. Mousetail Island -------- Primitive Camping
16. Ponderosa Island -------- Primitive Camping
17. Hunter Island
18. Rock Island
19. Hong Kong Island
20. Rivers Bend Island ------ Primitive Camping
21. Poole Knobs Island ------ Primitive Camping
22. Trigger Island

The Islands that can be camped on have a sign with a tent on it. You do not need a permit to camp on islands. They are first come first serve. Fires are to be contained in fireplaces, grills, or other facilities designed for this purpose.

Do not bring wood that is not from this area. This will prevent bringing in bugs from somewhere else. Do not cut live vegetation or standing dead trees.

Hole-in-the-Wall Island has a small protected rock cove where some boats have taken refuge during storms.

Also the rock cliffs there are a favorite for jumping off. They are forty feet high and the water appears to be quite deep.

Above is a picture of Luau Island. As you can see it isn't a very big island but I like it the best. It is sand covered and the beach is sandy and shallow. It has one camp site on it.

Mousetail Island has 3 good camping sites

Raccoon Island has 1 campsite

There are stories out there about an island that has a goat and a pig, it also has two oars made into a cross. It is in the area of Poole Knobs, so it is my guess it is Poole Knobs Island.

If you have any information about J Percy Priest Lake Islands or how they were named, I would appreciate it if you would click this Contact Me link and leave me a message. Also if you have any good pictures of the islands and a story, I would be interested in that too.

If you camp on J Percy Priest Lake islands, please leave it better than you found it. Pick up your trash and a little more.

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